Literature review of employee assistance programs

The programs range from smoking cessation activities, prevention and management of hiv/aids and related illness, provision of health improvement exercises and activities within the workplace to employee assistance programs. Generally, “employee assistance program” is a generic term used to identify troubled employees and describe any services and/or methods found in the workplace that address personal problems which adversely. Best practices of employee assistance programs laura standal assistance programs with the best-practices of employee assistance programs in industry the study will only be as up to date as the information found in the literature review 4 employee assistance programs are always changing. Running head: employee assistance programs employee assistance programs the return on investment for an eap joshua michael leon a senior thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for graduation in the honors program liberty university spring 2012.

literature review of employee assistance programs Employee assistance and health insurance in contrast, corporate and worksite wellness programs focus on promoting healthy behaviors and correcting employees’ poor health in ways that also enhance the.

Some organizations have a program referred to as “employee assistance program” that allows official time to seek professional counsel then there is the fact the many people leave their. Abstract employee assistance programs have grown at a dramatic rate, yet the effectiveness of these programs has been called into question the purpose of this paper was to assess the effectiveness of employee assistance programs (eaps) by reviewing recently published eap evaluations. Employee assistance program employee assistance programs: an historical and literature review bruce e brody, ma bruce e brody, ma, a consultant for employee assistance programs, is based in berkeley, california introduction employee assistance programs grew out of early efforts on the part of in-. Employee assistance programs (eaps) provide resources to employees for a variety of issues that may impact an individual’s work performance they are designed to help employees cope with personal or family problems, including mental health, substance abuse, and marital or parenting issues, as well as financial or legal concerns.

Employee assistance program therefore, eap settings are not only to promote employee benefits but also care employees’ problems for the employee's point of viewthrough eap, the staff can restore, maintain and enhance its productivity, avoid the decreased productivity due to personal reasons, and even lead to industrial safety accident place. Programs that come under the heading of ‘in-work benefits’ may nevertheless have quite different types, designs and target groups i am grateful to marre karu from praxis center for policy studies for her assistance in collecting. More specifically, this article used social exchange theory to develop hypotheses regarding the effect of telework, alternative work schedules, child care subsidies, elder care, employee assistance programs, and health and wellness programs on turnover. The authors wish to acknowledge and thank members of the employee assistance program (eap) evaluation steering utilized a mixed methods approach to collect the evaluation data, including: a comparative best practice literature review a review of program utilization data an extensive survey of employees and managers across the public. Employee assistance programs (eaps) provide counselling and consulting services that focus on the prevention and/or remediation of personal problems experienced by employees, or members of their families eaps are currently considered one of the main vehicles for occupational stress management and.

Barriers to workplace stress interventions in employee assistance practice: eap perspectives suzanne nobrega1, ms, nicole champagne2, prevention programs employee assistance professionals emerged as a natural accompanying article we review the employee assistance literature on job stress, which. Review of the related literature 23 introduction employee assistance program applications in business and industry employee assistance programs in higher education employee assistance programs at 164 institutions that were involved in an earlier related study conducted by the university of missouri at columbia (5) this study reviews. Employee assistance programs (eaps) are employer- or group-sponsored programs that are designed to alleviate workplace issues due to mental health, substance abuse, personal problems, and workplace issues 1 these programs strive to improve employee productivity and organizational performance. This literature review will critically discuss employee assistance programs abbreviated as eap in the discussion, the review will endeavor to show the importance of eap in an organization and the benefits accrued to the clients who use them.

Health promotionhealth promotion worksiteworksite initiativeinitiative a literature reviewa literature review glenda r miller this literature review provides an overv iew of best and promising practice interventions for a employee assistance program health care services utilization. Employee assistance programs (eap) are employee benefit programs offered by many employers intended to help employees deal with personal problems that might adversely impact their work performance, health, and a literature review journal of advanced nursing, 60(1), 1-9. A profile of canadian employee assistance programs richard paul csiernk, phd, csw king's college university of western ontario a cd-rom literature review, using the terms employee assistance program and canada, was con- ducted to discern which types of elementary program infor.

literature review of employee assistance programs Employee assistance and health insurance in contrast, corporate and worksite wellness programs focus on promoting healthy behaviors and correcting employees’ poor health in ways that also enhance the.

Workplace stress, organizational factors and eap utilization vanessa azzone, phd and use of employee assistance program (eap) counseling services delivered by network providers in a large, privately insured population claims data were linked to review of the literature. Employee assistance programs: an employee assistance program (eap) is a system designed to offer confidential professional help to employees who have problems that may affect their job performance many types of programs are offered under various names throughout the historical and literature review, american journal of health. Employee assistance programs employee assistance programs (eaps) provide a range of different services and resources in general, eaps provide assessment and services for addressing a range of personal problems and concerns that interfere with employees’ well being and work performance (easna, 2009.

  • • critically analyse how employee assistance programs, designed to help employees deal with both personal and work-related concerns, will complement the disciplinary process using relevant literature review.
  • 1/20/12 1 new york state employee assistance program benefits of the nys peer employee assistance program nys eap is based on a peer assistance model.
  • Nceta is undertaking a comprehensive international review of the history of employee assistance programs (eap) the research is being conducted in partnership with masi research consultants inc, who are covering the united states and canada while nceta is examining developments in other countries.

Such experiences on well-being, emergency service organisations offer employee assistance programs (eaps) that are developed and largely delivered ‘in house’ or are outsourced to human resource and psychological agencies. Literature review organization development & change i mproved employee efficiency, schedule flexibility, increased time available for work, overhead reductions, improved employee retention and emergency leave and the employee assistance program uploaded by tanaya learning conditions at work uploaded by norhajamiahmohdhanafiah. Evaluations of employee assistance programs (eaps) have traditionally examined the provision of clinical services to employees using the five steps in a comprehensive eap evaluation as the framework, a review of the literature is conducted with a focus on eap delivery options.

literature review of employee assistance programs Employee assistance and health insurance in contrast, corporate and worksite wellness programs focus on promoting healthy behaviors and correcting employees’ poor health in ways that also enhance the.
Literature review of employee assistance programs
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